Getting Started

Foundation classes at CrossFit Towson cover a 2-day program featuring an introduction to CrossFit and the basic foundational movements. We will talk about what CrossFit is, explain how the classes are run, and do hands on work including a final workout on Thursday evening. Classes will be held on Tuesday (part 1) and Thursday (part 2) on the 1st week of every month and must be attended in that order. Class will run from 7:30pm to 9:00pm both days for an hour and a half total each day. You must sign up for foundations before the 1st of every month by emailing us at to be added to the list.


New members who join CrossFit Towson are required to attend both foundations classes before they can attend regularly schedule CrossFit classes. If you cannot make it to foundations you will be required to schedule a 1-on-1 session with a coach on your own time for an additional fee of $60 before you can attend normal class hours.

Next Available Foundations Classes:

The First Tuesday And Thursday Of Every Month At 7:30 PM.


Standard Unlimited Classes: $175/month
Military/Police/Fire/Unlimited Classes: $140/month
Student Unlimited Classes: $125/month
Couple/Partner: $300/month

Here at CrossFit Towson we do not do contracts. We want you to be as happy with CrossFit as we are and we don’t require long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime. We think you’ll love the community and the atmosphere and we offer month to month payment plans.

Drop-In (Out-of-town CrossFitters Only)

1 Class – $20.00
1 Week Pass – $60.00

Discounts for memberships paid in full:

12/months standard unlimited: $1680 (20% off)
6/months standard unlimited: $895 (15% off)
3/months standard unlimited: $475 (20% off)

12/months MIL/POL/FIRE: $1,350 (20% discount)
6/months MIL/POL/FIRE: $715 (15% discount)
3/months MIL/POL/FIRE: $380 (10% discount)

12/months student: $1200 (20% discount)
6/months student: $640 (15% discount)
3/months student: $340 (10% discount)

*(referral program cannot be applied to paid in full discounted memberships)*

Membership Auto-Renewal / Cancellation Policy

All membership options are automatically billed every 30 days from the account provided. It is required to provide written notice (e-mail) at least 7 days prior to the next renewal date if you need to cancel your membership for any reason. There is a cancellation fee of $99.00 for a cancellation request made within 7 days of the next renewal date. No refunds will be granted after a membership payment has been drafted from the account provided.

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