Towson Fitness Disclaimer

Get Acclimated to Towson Fitness:

  • You may purchase a Groupon, good for one month only.
  • You may try a full week for free.

You may not use both offers together.

Groupon Disclaimer:

  • You may only use a Groupon once. If you have attended Towson Fitness with a Groupon, you may not use another Groupon in any other way. ie, Gift Certificate, etc
  • You may not use a Groupon if you are experienced in Towson Fitness. This offer is to get new people to try Towson Fitness who have never tried Towson Fitness before.


When you become a member, we also charge a $50 equipment fee, Bi-Annually, once n the spring and once in the fall, regardless of how long you have been a member. This allows us to buy new equipment and maintain older equipment on a frequent basis so you will see the results right away!